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Trailer Lighting and Power Systems

Trailer Lighting and Power Systems Houston, Texas

Lights are essential for legal and safe towing. Lights can also be decorative, making your trailer and truck look cooler rolling down the road. Whether they’re required or decorative, none of your lights will work without a proper Lighting and Power Systems.

Trailer Lighting

Trailer Wheel & Frame understands the importance of lighting, and has multiple shelves and bins dedicated to lights. From the necessities – tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, marker lights and reflectors – to the fun stuff like light bars, license plate lights, flashers, and sirens, we have what you need for your ride to be legal and good looking.
To keep your trailer lit up, we have all the connectors: 4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin, and 7-pin, each providing additional connections for more functions, like electric brake control or auxiliary power.
Trailer Lighting and Power Systems Houston, Texas
Trailer Lighting and Power Systems

Power Systems

Lighting is just one of the many items using power. Often your trailer is using your truck’s power, but Trailer Wheel & Frame gives you bonus options – battery hookups or even a generator. On your truck, we can install a power inverter or even a battery backup to convert your ride into a source of shore power. Either way, Trailer Wheel & Frame will keep you lit up and powered up.
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