Bearings & Lubricants
Leaf Springs
Safety Equipment
Generac Generators
Aluminum & Steel Wheels
Hubs & Drums
Hitches & Hitch Installations
Lots of Trailer & RV Tires
LED Lighting
Toolboxes & Fuel Tanks
Cargo Control

You know we have the basics – hitches, couplers, axles, jacks, batteries, lights, bearings, brakes, tires, fenders, rims, tarps, straps… everything you know you will need during the life of your trailer.

As Houston’s Transportation Headquarters, we go way beyond the basics. We have what trailer pros are looking for – swivels, spindles, u-bolts, junction boxes, wiring kits, fuel tanks, snapper pins, wheel chocks, hasps, grommets… everything you need to keep your own trailer up and running.

We also want you to haul a safe and clean trailer, so we stock first aid kits, fire extinguishers, flags, flares, signs, reflectors, cleaners and lubricants.

Trailer Wheel & Frame loves your truck, too. Dress your truck up with a bedliner, winch, grill guard, nerf bars, tool boxes, fuel tanks, lights, custom hitch cover… hundreds of accessories to choose from.

Even if you don’t see it listed here, we probably have it in the store. Trailer Wheel & Frame stocks tens of thousands of trailer parts and trailer & truck accessories at our 10,000 square foot Retail Supercenter.

Call us at (281) 931-7777 to check the pricing and availability of any part or accessory you need – for your trailer and your truck.

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