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6 Trailer Maintenance Tips for All Types of Trailers

6 Trailer Maintenance Tips for All Types of Trailers

Protect Your Investment: Trailer Maintenance and Service Suggestions for Trailer Owners

Owning a trailer provides a great deal of versatility and benefits. When you are using your trailer for business purposes, it becomes a necessity to keep it serviced and maintained. In 2023, there were approximately 415,000 crashes involving trailers.1 This number continues to grow each year, while some of these accidents could be avoidable with proper trailer service and maintenance.

We have identified some of the most common issues in trailer maintenance and service. Here are essential tips for trailer owners to address these problems and keep their trailers roadworthy and safe.

Trailer Maintenance Tip 1: Tire Care

Your trailer tires are a crucial part of your ability for safe and efficient use of your trailer.  Regular tire inspections are necessary to ensure they are at the recommended inflation, have the proper tread depth, and are free from any signs of damage.

Postponing or neglecting tire maintenance can have catastrophic consequences like blowouts. Lesser issues associated with improper tire maintenance are loss of fuel efficiency, poor handling and control, and blowouts.

We recommend that you inspect your tires every month at a minimum. Additional inspections need to be conducted for long trips, and any time a heavier than normal load is hauled. Never exceed the weight limit for your trailer tires and rotate your tires occasionally for even wear and tear.

Trailer Maintenance Tip 2: Trailer Hitch and Coupler Check

Your trailer hitch and the trailer coupler are the connection between your trailer and the vehicle used to pull the trailer. Keeping these two components in perfect working order is crucial in the safe use of your trailer. Each time you connect your trailer to your tow vehicle, you should inspect each component for damage, rust, or wear and tear. Thoroughly inspect the coupler lock and safety chains to prevent the trailer from becoming disconnected while being hauled. For these components, we strongly recommend replacement over repair.

Trailer Maintenance Tip 3: Light Systems

Keeping your trailer lights in operation is not only important to your safety, but you don’t want to violate any traffic laws by operating your trailer with non-functioning lights or broken lights. Inspecting your running lights, brake lights, and turn signal lights regularly is a great way to catch any burnt-out bulbs or connection issues.

Trailer Maintenance Tip 4: Electrical Component Inspections

Keeping the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer is a crucial safety step. Repairing and replacing any loose or damaged electrical connections can prevent fire hazards and ensure the powered components of your trailer, like trailer brakes, work the way they were designed to work.

Trailer Maintenance Tip 5: Brake Check

Trailers equipped with brake control systems are essential for safe operation by maintaining the stopping distances and overall control of the trailer. If you add a heavy load, wet road, or elevation changes, keeping your brakes in their best operating condition is imperative for safe travel and transport.

Routine brake inspections should include fluid level checks, pad/shoe inspection, and brake light testing. Trailer Wheel and Frame provides brake system trailer maintenance to keep you and your trailer in top operating condition as well as trailer inspections. 

Trailer Maintenance Tip 6: Keep it Clean

Keeping your trailer clean may seem secondary or tertiary to most trailer owners, especially if you are using your trailer for work. First impressions to customers and potential customers is very important and can be improved with a routine cleaning. Preventing the build-up of dirt, debris, and grease can prevent rust and excessive wear and tear. Storing your trailer in a covered garage can protect it from the elements and prolong the lifespan of your trailer.

Protecting Your Investment is Easy with Trailer Wheel and Frame

Many routine maintenance tasks are easy for most trailer owners. However, a thorough inspection by our professional service team can help identify problematic areas that may not be recognized by the untrained eye. The larger the trailer and the more the trailer is used adds to the necessity of a trained professional inspecting your trailer to ensure it will perform at its best when you need it the most.

With any mechanical device, neglecting maintenance will only lead to costly repair in the long run. For business owners, this can mean downtime, loss of revenue, and dangerous conditions while on the road. Your trailer is an investment, treat it well, and it will bring returns just like a stock or any other financial investment.

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