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4 Point Utility Trailer Buying Guide

4 Point Utility Trailer Buying Guide

Utility Trailer Buying Guide

In the market for a new utility trailer? We have a great selection of Ranch King, the best and most durable trailers on the market, in stock. But which one is right for you and your needs? Many times buyers overlook the important concepts like the tow vehicle, weight limitations, and cargo requirements. Before you make your decision, here is your buying guide to choose the best utility trailer for your needs. 

Your Tow Vehicle Matters

Before you begin to look at trailer models and features, you will need to make sure that you do your due diligence on your tow vehicle.

To determine how much weight your vehicle can tow, you can calculate its towing capacity by subtracting the vehicle’s curb weight from its gross combined weight rating (GCWR):

  1. Calculate the GCWR: The GCWR is the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer when both are loaded, including all cargo.
  2. Calculate the curb weight: The curb weight is the weight of the vehicle when it’s filled with gas and other fluids, but has no passengers, cargo, or trailer.
  3. Determine the weight of your trailer plus cargo: This can be calculated by adding the weight of your trailer plus the maximum cargo your trailer can haul.
  4. Subtract the curb weight from the GCWR: The resulting number is the vehicle’s towing capacity.

Once your towing capacity is determined, you can determine the weight of the trailer and  your towing capacity which should assist you in selecting your utility trailer model.

Establish a Budget

Just like any other major purchase, it is best to establish a budget. Your budget will determine if you are buying new or used, and the features that you can add to your trailer. There are many financing options available for those who qualify. If you are not able to find the trailer you need, Trailer Wheel and Frame has many brands and options available to help you, and Trailer Wheel and Frame build custom trailers to your requirements when needed as well.

Your Cargo is Important

How you use your trailer and what you are hauling is an important consideration that you need to think about before making your final purchase. This step is where the features of the trailer come into play. Do you need a back gate, side rails, enclosed walls, ladder racks, customized tool racks, toolboxes, special lighting/power, or loading ramps? How much weight do you foresee loading on the trailer, and what axle configuration and strength provide the proper support for your loads?

Ready to Utility Trailer Shop?

Still on the hunt for your perfect utility trailer? Trailer Wheel and Frame has one of the largest utility trailer inventories in the industry. Our team of experts is always available to help you select the trailer that’s perfect for your needs, or quickly have a custom trailer built to your specifications. No matter your budget, I am sure that we have the utility trailer that will fit your needs. If needed, we have great financing options to get you on the road with a new utility trailer as quickly as possible.

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